Outschool Planner

Save time and develop a personalized learning solution. Outschool is now piloting a free scheduling service to help families customize their learner's multi-class schedules.


Q: Will my schedule be personalized to my learner?
A: Yes. Our team takes the input you provide on the request form to build a schedule specifically for your learner.

Q. Can I request schedules for multiple learners?
A: Yes. Please request a schedule (and complete the form) for each learner separately.

Q: How far in advance can you provide class schedules?
A: We can help you with a schedule for any timeframe, however we recommend planning 1-3 months out. Our class list is dynamic, as teachers are always adding new sections and most teachers schedule classes 8 weeks in advance of class start time. You can continue to use our scheduling service throughout the school year :)

Q: Can you help me select a class for my learner?
A: If you are just looking for 1 or 2 classes, we’d recommend you visit outschool.com/online-classes. The scheduling service is intended to support those families looking to develop multi-class schedules.

Q; Is the service free?
A: Yes, the service is free to help all current and prospective Outschool families looking to develop multi-course schedules for their learners.

Q: If I love my schedule, should I enroll right away?
A: Yes, as Outschool classes fill up quickly. If you find a class or schedule you love, please enroll ASAP!  Classes on your schedule may fill up if you delay.