Outschool Planner Services

Let us help you make your custom class list or schedule

Class Planning and Scheduling Services For Outschool Families

OUTSCHOOL CLASS LIST is a free solution for those families looking for a comprehensive list of classes meeting their learner’s interests, availability and preferences. We know families schedule their learners differently - some months in advance, others prefer week to week. Regardless of your approach, Class List is a free tool that can be requested at any time to help you select classes and fill a gap in your schedule. For more information about class lists, visit our FAQ page here.

OUTSCHOOL SCHEDULE is a service for families looking to work one on one with an Outschool Planner to create a custom schedules. Our dedicated Outschool planning team will guide you through the process of selecting the classes and combining them into a customized schedule that meets your learner’s needs. All you need to do is provide us with information about your learner’s interests, availability and preferences - we'll do the rest! It is free to request a custom schedule if you enroll in $100 of classes in the 30 days following your schedule completion date. Otherwise, there is a $20 custom schedule fee*.  For more information, visit our FAQ page here. * Users enrolled in free school closures program will not be charged.

We have also created helpful resources to help families better navigate the Outschool platform and learn how to select classes and develop a schedule. Learn more by signing up for Intro to Outschool Webinar and Class Planning 101 Webinar