How to Help Your Kid Learn About the Great Women of History

For Parents Mar 16, 2020

For many learners, the study of history is a study of HIS-story.

In other words, women’s voices and contributions often get much less attention when young people learn about the past.

However, March is an opportunity to change that. March is Women’s History Month.

This month, you can help your learner recognize the amazing contributions that women have made to bring society where it is today. And better yet, your youngster can learn through live discussions, powerful readings, fascinating films, and more.

This March, take advantage of the engaging women’s history classes Outschool teachers offer for young learners.

At Outschool, we want to help you expose your young learner to the stories and contributions of great women. We believe this will help the next generation do a better job of seeking more inclusive, diverse voices to tell our stories.

Here are five live video chat classes Outschool teachers are currently offering. These classes can help your learner appreciate some of the many women have made to, eh-hem...HER-story.

Women In History

For learners ages 8-12

In this class, learners take a look at the lives and impact of different women, both from history and modern day. Each class focuses on a different woman who made an impact in history. Some examples include:

  • Michelle Obama
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Julia Child
  • Josephine Baker
  • Joan of Arc

Find our more or enroll your learner in this class here.

The Young Historian Society: Women of History

For learners ages 8-12

In this weekly, ongoing, book club, learners discuss books featuring women from history. Each week Learners can join every week, or just for the books they want to read. Learners will be adding to their interactive history notebook each week.

Examples of guiding questions for some of the classes include:

  • Who Was Sojourner Truth
  • Who Was Maya Angelou?
  • Who Was Jane Austen?
  • Who Was Coretta Scott King?

Find out more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Singing Suffragettes

For learners ages 7-12

In this class, kids learn the song “Sister Suffragette” from the classic movie musical Mary Poppins. Learners discuss the meaning of the song and its historical context. Learners will also talk about how the song relates to kids today. Then kids will have a chance to sing the song and even learn some basic choreography!

Find out more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Little Women: Sisters, Spinsters, and Success

For learners age 12-15

In this 8 week course, learners read Little Women and discuss familial relationships, society's expectations of women, and the little women's hopes and aspirations.

Each week of class covers six chapters of the book. The first session includes an introduction to the course and the first five chapters. As learners move through the text, the class examines the sisters' familial bonds and how they differ as individuals. Learners will also examine each little woman's aspirations and how likely she is to achieve them depending on society's expectations and her own actions. The discussion around society includes marriage expectations, women's roles, careers, friendship, and more.

Find out more or enroll your learner in this class here.

History Through Film: Strong Women in History

For learners ages 12-17

Women are significantly underrepresented in historical films. This class will evaluate some of the films that highlight the strength and impact of women as told through historical films.

Throughout the duration of this class, learners will come together to build an understanding of events, people, and times that directly correspond to females in history. They will also evaluate how this history has been interpreted and portrayed in a variety of films.

Find out more or enroll your learner in this class here.

Of course, there are plenty more examples of women who have made (and continue to make) important contributions to history and the present. Fortunately there are also plenty more Women’s History-themed classes on Outschool.

Use the link below to explore our catalog of video chat classes about Women’s History Month for all ages.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.