Here’s one way to make Black History Month a valuable learning moment for your child

Jan 27, 2020

Each February, America recognizes the contributions Black Americans have made in so many areas of society.

What if this year you went beyond noticing it on the calendar? What if you turned Black History Month into a timely, relevant learning experience for your child?

Right now, Outschool teachers are offering unique and important classes for young learners on Black History.

You can give your child learning options on topics and people inspired by Black History Month. February may only last 29 days (it’s a leap year!), but the lessons can last a lifetime.

Here are several live online classes passionate Outschool teachers are presenting to kids of different age groups:

Beyond Black History: Discovering Roots (Introduction)

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In week 1 of this course, students will learn about Apartheid in South African & Nelson Mandela.‌‌

For learners ages 9 - 12

In this class, students will choose one notable African/African American or local community member to research during the duration of the lesson. Then, they’ll prepare & present a brief description of the person they selected.

African American Artists: Art Projects Inspired by African American Artists

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This Ashley Bryan collage is courtesy of

For learners ages 7 - 12

During this class, perfect for creative young learners, your child will consider the impact many African American artists had on our history. They’ll learn about and study WHY these artists created their art and WHAT influenced them.

Oh, Freedom: A Celebration of Human Ingenuity and Resilience

For learners ages 9 - 13

This class will immerse your child in the history of American Slavery and the musical creativity used to survive and cope with the hardships of everyday life.

The class will teach your child about musical topics like rhythm, percussion, singing, dancing as well as discussions of code making and breaking. Plus, we’ll dive into historical and current events. The course culminates in students creating their own encoded song to convey a hidden message about freedom.

It's Your Right! A Journey Through The Civil Rights Movement

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For learners ages 10 - 15
During this class, your child will examine civil rights as a concept of social justice, from a black perspective. The class will cover Civil Rights, from the beginning of its inception through the late 1960s.

Your child will learn about the people and places where the civil rights movement was prominent & the impact of the Negro Act of 1740, the Supreme Court cases Plessy v. Ferguson, Dred Scot v. Sandford, the Black Codes, as well as the resistance from whites to keep slavery viable & the resistance of Afrikaans to remain slaves.

These are just a handful of the important historical and cultural lessons your child can learn this February on Outschool.

Still looking for more? Use the link below to explore our catalog of video chat classes about Black History for all ages.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.