3 Ways to Inspire Your Kids on Earth Day

For Parents Apr 21, 2020

Even if you’re stuck inside, you can still get your kids excited about Earth Day.

This year, help your child discover their newest favorite nature topic to explore, whether it’s:

  • Advocating for environmental protection
  • Learning about new animals
  • Exploring new landscapes

Maybe you can't make it to a park or zoo this year. But that doesn’t mean that Earth Day-themed learning has to stop.

With fun video chat classes on 100s of topics, Outschool makes it easy for you to turn special days like Earth Day into a time to spark curiosity.

Give your child learning options related to plants, animals, the environment and other topics inspired by Earth Day. Because what’s more important than inspiring young learners to take care of the place we all call home?

Here are three Earth Day themes to explore with your young learner this week:

Learn to reduce, reuse and recycle

Children are more engaged in learning when it’s connected to doing. One easy way for kids to learn about the environment and then go do something with their knowledge is to explore recycling.

On Outschool, teachers share lessons about sustainable living and caring for the earth through fun lessons like read alouds of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax or creating recyclable art.

Connect with the animal kingdom

“A mouse on stilts, a fish wearing lipstick, and more--come learn about some of the funniest animals on earth!” This is how Outschool teacher Whittier Strong describes his class World’s Funniest Animals.

While Whittier’s class is an Outschool classic, there are many fun options for learners of all ages, including unique topics like how to train your pet, debating endangered animals, and even learning sign language for animal names.

Help young scientists learn biology

For the young scientist who is ready to dive deeper into some Earth-day related topics, Outschool’s wide range of biology classes are the perfect fit.

If your child loves watching shark week, then maybe they’ll want to learn about what an “Elasmobranch” is. If they love exploring the back yard or neighborhood garden, then have them try an online plant scavenger hunt with other young learners. And if they’re curious to learn about the building blocks of living things, then maybe it’s time for them to learn about the cell.

When children get the chance to choose an Earth Day-themed class they love, they’ll be more likely to carry over that curiosity into the natural world.

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Image credits: Unsplash.

Gerard Dawson

Gerard Dawson is a teacher, parent and writer for Outschool.